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About Us

Renewable Dynamics is a leading company in the renewable energy sector, providing control engineering solutions for wind and tidal turbines and farms, and wave energy devices.

Renewable Dynamics adds value by applying our extensive experience gained over the last 20 years providing controllers for a variety of device manufacturers, including key industry leaders and innovators. This experience has provided us with a deep understanding of aeroelastic modelling, design, loads and performance analysis.

Our focus on innovation makes Renewable Dynamics an industry leader in all areas of control, including:

  • Performance analysis and fault identification

  • Control design and active load reduction

  • Load calculation and life assessment

  • System modelling

  • Solution implementation, commissioning and service

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Controller Performance Assessment of Wind Farms

Renewable Dynamics' control performance assessment service identifies areas of underperformance and potential for improvement to increase the value of a wind farm. Through our experience of the design of control systems for multiple wind turbines, we have a deep insight into how wind turbines should work. Thus, we apply our experience in a detailed data analysis at both wind turbine and wind farm level to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions which can provide the best return on investment.

For our analysis, we make use of the 10-minute SCADA data.

However, we can carry out more in-depth and thorough analysis by using higher frequency data (1 second or faster). We can help to collect data from the wind farm OPC server, provide other non-intrusive solutions, or instrument your wind turbines to collect high-frequency data.

Life Assessment

Extending the life of a wind farm has the potential to increase its financial return significantly. This is becoming increasingly important for many operating wind farms and those at the development phase. However, determining if the life of a wind farm can be extended needs careful analysis. To determine the life-extension potential, Renewable Dynamics creates specific turbine aeroelastic simulation models and controllers which are representative of the wind turbines on the wind farm.  We then use these models, along with other site information, to estimate the life of the turbines against the original design life and design conditions using industry standards.  If the conclusion is that the wind farm does not have the predicted life that had been hoped for, we can examine alternative operating strategies using our control expertise, and perform a costs benefit analysis of each option.

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Control Services

Renewable Dynamics provides a wide range of control engineering solutions to alleviate structural loads, minimise O&M costs, solve specific control issues, and optimise energy capture of wind, tidal and wave devices. We have extensive experience in the control of multiple types of wind and tidal turbines and wave devices. This experience has been gained by providing complete supervisory and dynamic controllers for a wide variety of manufacturers over many years, including key industry leaders and innovators.

We can help at any stage of the design process and can also assess and help optimise your current controller. Our solutions effectively maximise energy capture, improve performance and extend lifetime while providing unbeatable levels of safety and operational flexibility.

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